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Sean Eardley Interview: The First Three Months

12 February 2018

We were delighted to catch up with manager Sean Eardley during the weekend and took the opportunity to ask him about his first three months in the hot seat:


What were your initial thoughts when the Board asked you to become manager of the first team?

Sean: I was a little shocked at first, I remember sitting down in the board meeting with Fish and the chairman asked me to take over until the end of the season originally, I’d barely sat down! On the way home I was buzzing though and excited for the challenge ahead, not to mention honoured to lead such a big club within the Welsh system.


How important did you feel it was to ensure that Richard Davies and Mike Innes stayed on with you as part of the management team?

Sean: Very, I wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible. Originally Rich was in the Board meeting with me and I contacted Mike the following day so they were both aware of the positions I wanted them to take up. They have been brilliant on the football side and become great friends off the field.


What have you found to be the main differences in stepping up from assistant manager to being in the hot seat?

Sean: Obviously your responsibilities increase, I’ve maybe become a little more serious but not changed too much as that’s not me, what you see is what you get. I take it upon myself to greet everyone on a matchday, everyone has a crucial role to play in moving the club forward and everyone is as important as each other. Win, lose or draw I like to keep the players out of the spotlight as we dissect the game as a group then I’ll see the media guys to speak about the game itself, knowing the players have had their say.


Tell us about the players Sean, how they have responded to you as manager and what, if anything, have you learnt about them since taking over?

Sean: The players have been unbelievable. I received messages off every single player when I took over wishing me the best and I’ll never forget that.

I’ve got to know the players more on a personal level and I know that if things are good in work and at home they excel on the football pitch, so that balance is crucial. As a group no stone is left unturned, we are honest post match and in training if there are any issues, a line is drawn and it’s down to business again. They’re fantastic to work with every week to be fair.


You’ve made an excellent start in the job, with just a solitary defeat in three months, and that being at the hands of Welsh champions, TNS. Can you give us your thoughts on the run, and maybe provide some highlights and challenges the team has had to overcome?

Sean: Wow, where to start? I’ll always remember my first game in charge for as long as I live. Being 3-0 down at Airbus at half time was disastrous, but we showed fantastic character to claw our way back in the game, and we followed that up with wins against a tough Holywell side and WPL side Barry Town in the Welsh Cup, with 1100 in attendance. We had a good December, with over 1200 in attendance for the Boxing Day win against Porthmadog, then the metal was tested as we came from behind in three games to salvage draws, but it proved our never say die attitude and fantastic spirit as we never gave in. We’ve had suspensions and injuries like any other team, but we’ve found a way to get points on the board and we look forward to the run in!


What have been your biggest challenges, in regards to carrying out your job?

Sean: There haven’t really been any big challenges, just making sure the results and performances don’t affect life at home too much, or at work, as football has a tendency of wrecking weekends sometimes. Recently, with games being called off, it can halt momentum so that can be frustrating.


How would you describe your managerial style?

Sean: I have my playing style, as far as the players are concerned my door is always open and phone always on so I’m pretty approachable.

I like to earn respect and like to know what makes players tick, all different factors that contribute to a winning team. I like to have a laugh at the right time, life shouldn’t be taken too seriously in my opinion a bit of banter here and there is healthy for the changing room but at the right time.


It seems to me that the Caernarfon Town supporters have taken you to their hearts. How important is this support to you personally, and to the whole management and playing team?

Sean: I can’t speak highly enough of the supporters, they have been fantastic with me since I’ve walked in the door. They follow the team all over Wales and the players are fully appreciative of their support along with my management team and I hope we can bring them success in the near future.


One of the features since you took over has been your special celebration after some of the victories. You enjoy the ‘Eards dive’ don’t you?

Sean: Is that what it has been called? Hopefully it will catch on! I do yes, I started it with a friend in Australia, took it everywhere to be honest including nights out! Sometimes you can’t hide your emotion so that’s how I show it on occasion.


What do you think of the Cofi Army’s song for you?

Sean: I love it. Bethan, one of the directors, says to me she can’t watch the Thomson Holidays advert and not sing along to it!


You’ve been in the job for three months now Sean, how have you enjoyed it so far and has it been what you expected?

Sean: I’ve enjoyed every minute. Each week has been different and thrown up different challenges, but it’s what we get involved for.

We have a lot of work ahead, but keeping the boys motivated and on top of their game is what I’m focussed on over the next couple of months. We’re in it together and are all raring to go!